About Grand Central Chorus


The Grand Central Chorus is an enthusiastic group of more than sixty men from the East Midlands, who love singing together in four-part close-harmony, in Barbershop style.

Our main reason for singing is entertainment, both for our audiences and ourselves, but we also take part in competitions from time to time. Over the years the chorus has enjoyed considerable success, for example, winning the gold medal on five occasions at the UK National Barbershop Convention – most recently at Southport in May 2012 – and has subsequently travelled to the USA on several occasions as the BABS Gold Medal Chorus to represent the UK at the International Convention. In fact, the chorus has never been out of the top six places in all the years it has been eligible to compete in the UK National Barbershop Convention. Click here to see a full history of our competition results.

But please don’t think for one minute that we are a group of highly talented singers with exceptional musical ability – we’re not. We are a group of very ordinary men, who, with a fair amount of enjoyable hard work, and good coaching, have learned to sing well together.

If you are interested in joining us please come and take a look. Not surprisingly you need to be able to sing in tune and after a few weeks of rehearsals, and a very friendly and informal audition, you will know if we are the right sort of singing group for you to join.

We rehearse on Wednesday evenings at 7.15 pm.

At the moment, due to Covid-19 restrictions, our rehearsals are held online.

Details will be updated here when the situation changes.

For more information about joining, contact Martin York: 07855 270803,